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10. Do not neglect internet security

While it might seem easy but this trick is crucial to IT security and often gets left out. Internet security is essential to IT security. Companies often get lazy when it comes to internet security, however it’s truly the backbone of everything else that you carry out within your company. Every employee should be required to agree to a restricted use policy. It should be sent by email or within the contract for employment of an employee. Make sure that you get it signed.

If you have a traffic software or system to manage traffic in place, be sure to review it to ensure it is up to par to meet your needs. If the type of software isn’t in place, you must install it ASAP. Use password manager software that will generate passwords that are unique for each employee to log in to the system.

Talk to your ISP service provider and ask questions about their encryption for businesses and the way they handle the risk of breaches. Additionally, consider a monitoring service to help safeguard your system’s IT and notify you when there is anything odd happening. The investment in remote monitoring could help you to avoid some of the problems that might arise when you have unprotected networks.

Naturally, we have talked about segmenting the network, and keeping internet access restricted is a perfect example of how that can be beneficial to you. You might for instance, open an Ford dealership that is new and you would like your customers to be able to connect to the internet while visiting the dealership. There should be no access to the internal workings of your company. Segmenting the network to allow the different kinds of logins can be an easy option.

11. Think about outsourcing your IT needs

While these top 10 IT security tips seem simple, there’s one thing you can take your stress away. Outsource your IT needs. Outso


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