5 Tips on Surviving Both a Full Time Job and College

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So you are looking for a change in your life and have decided to pursue higher education. However, you are working full time and you have a family, so it may be hard to go back into adult education. Here are some helpful tips on balancing college and your job no matter if you are getting a bachelors degree, a masters degree, or any type of secondary education.

1. Have support

It is important to have a support system because you need to surround yourself with people that will be positive influences in your life. They will make or break you, as your support system does more than just encourage you to follow your dreams. These people will watch your kids, they will cook your meals so you can study for that midterm, and they will help carpool to save on expenses so you can cover your tuition!

2. Ask your boss for flexibility

Not all jobs can be flexible, but it never hurts to simply ask your boss to coordinate your meetings and hours with your college schedule.

3. Schedule time off of work as soon as you know your midterms and schedules

You will have so much more on your mind come midterms and finals, so you need to schedule your days off the minute you get your schedules. You do not want to wait until last minute as your boss can potentially deny your request, leaving you overworked, overtired, and not performing your best.

4. Time management is key

This sounds easier than it is, but it is crucial to focus on time management in order to be successful at everything. If you have to schedule everything in half an hour increments, feel free to do so. Other ideas include meal preparation for the rest of the week, doing laundry on one specific day of the week, and making a chore schedule for everyone in your home to follow.

5. Stay focused

Above anything else, it is important to keep the finish line in check. It is easy to feel weighed down with all your responsibilities, but at the end of the day, graduating from college will be completely worth it. Never give up, and always remember why you started if you get too overwhelmed.
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