7 Most Popular Patio Designs – Home Improvement Tips

Open-air patios can be left in the open air, which means there’s no problems with leaves and other debris.

2. Screened-in Patio

A patio that is screened in is one of the most popular stylish patio designs that are available. Screened-in patios offer many advantages over an unscreened patio, and its popularity is growing as people become increasingly aware of these advantages.

The patio enclosure is a popular way to expand outdoor living space and enjoy outdoor living without the inconvenience and discomfort that comes with insects or unseasonably cold weather. A patio that is screened in has many benefits: it provides additional seating areas and dining spaces with better views, more comfortable temperatures; protection from pests , such as insects, mosquitoes, flies isps, fire ants and ticks (including ticks carrying Lyme disease) as well as heavy storms or rain; particles that fly, such as bark, twigs, or leaves chips; the sound of vehicles, lawn equipment dogs barking and children dogs, pollen, dust and various allergens sunlight burn; heat of summer; sunshine glare; and cold winter.

The patio you are able to open is vulnerable to these outside elements which you usually want to keep out of the home. The design of a screened-in patio guarantees that bugs dust, noises as well as sunlight don’t take away from the enjoyment you get from outdoor activities or disrupt family moments with your children.

Screen rooms offer an ideal option for people needing a garden but do not have plenty of outdoor space. It is able to be built on smaller patios near the house or attached to the deck. Additionally, it offers an additional area for entertaining guests as well as spending your own private outdoor time without access to the entire garden.

3. Decked patio

The covered patio is also very popular for cool patio design. The patio design is ideal for home owners. grpccihpep.

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