Break the chains of public speaking fear

Fear of public speaking

Millions of Americans suffer from public speaking anxiety. Known as glossophobia, the fear of public speaking inhibits people from being able to address people or be in social settings. This is the most common of all phobias. Often the symptoms of public speaking anxiety include intense anxiousness before, or, at the thought of having to speak with a group, avoidance of public events wherein the focus may be on the individual suffering from public speaking anxiety, and physical pain, nausea, or panic in such circumstances. Sometimes, those who suffer from public speaking anxiety will trick their minds into thinking that avoidance is the best way to get through life. A college student might take coursework that involves very little or no public speaking. An employ may reluctantly pass up a promotion or an assignment if it means addressing others.
But there is public speaking help out there. Through the use of a public speaking course, victims of public speaking anxiety can learn to face their fears head on and overcome the disabling aspects of speaking with or meeting with groups of people.
There are numerous organizations, as well as training courses, designed to help those who suffer from public speaking anxiety. They can serve to help reduce fears to manageable levels.
There are also medications for public speaking anxiety, such as certain types of beta blockers drugs, which temporarily treat glossophobia and the like.

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