Children Enrolled In Preschool Are More Likely To Attend College Finding The Right Preschool


What are the most vital years of your child’s life?

If you answered ‘preschool’, you’re on the right track. The first three to four years of your child’s life are easily their most intensive, with the majority of what they learn into adulthood established in their academic preschool programs. From gaining vital social skills to crafting a strong foundation of math and English, the benefits of academic preschool can’t be overlooked if you want to raise well-adjusted children. Not everyone is familiar with preschool philosophies, however, and some parents may be uneasy handing over responsibility to professors so soon.

Learn about what an academic preschool curriculum can do for your child by perusing the list below. Finding the right preschool doesn’t happen overnight, but the benefits will be felt for a lifetime.

Your Child Will Be More Likely To Attend College

A major fear of parents the country over is whether or not their children will attend college. When college can so easily mean the difference between a stable career and a difficult time job-hunting, the requirements for preschool often boil down to the question, “Will my children be able to attend the local state university?” Recent studies have shown 25% of at-risk children being more likely to drop out of high school if they missed out on a quality preschool education program.

They Will Boast A Stronger Educational Foundation

Expanding upon the first point, preschool games and a steady curriculum will do wonders for keeping your children on a firm educational path. It’s estimated three-fourths of young children in the country regularly participate in a preschool program, with around 45% of children below the federal poverty level (also known as FPL) being enrolled. While each preschool program will be different in its own way, they are all designed to provide your child the ability to learn basic math, writing and reading to prepare them for elementary.

It Will Be Easier For Your Child To Make Friends

Children who have trouble socializing, whether they’re naturally shy or exhibit traits such as anxiety disorder or Asperger’s syndrome, need to be signed into a local preschool program as soon as possible. This will help them cultivate a powerful foundation that will benefit them well into their college years. While math, writing and reading are plenty important, being able to read social cues and make connections is just as vital to a healthy adulthood. Finding the right preschool means choosing one that embraces all aspects of a proper childhood instead of focusing strictly on grades and attendance.

They Will Reduce Your Child’s Chances Of Arrest

At-risk youth are not just more likely to drop out of high school and circumvent college, they’re also more likely to be arrested for minor and major offenses. Over 70% of children deemed at-risk were found to be more likely to be arrested for a violent crime if they didn’t have a quality preschool education from the start. Another 60% of this demographic were also very likely not to attend college. Between 1962 and 1967 a study oversaw the lives of 120 children in preschool between the ages of three and four, with their major commonality being born into poverty. By the time they reached 40 over 95% had higher earnings and were more likely to graduate high school.

Things To Look For In A Preschool

Finding the right preschool means being actively invested in your child’s well-being. This can mean addressing their frustration with socialization or just wanting to embrace their natural tendency to bury their nose in a good book. Whatever you want to see blossom, a good preschool will give you all the resources necessary to make sure their education gets off on the right foot. Over 60% of children with two married parents are enrolled in preschool, with just 48% of children with two unmarried parents boasting the same trajectory. Ask the teachers about their daily games and retention techniques to get a good idea as to what they can offer your children.

Finding the right preschool means asking the right questions. What do you hope to see in your child’s future?

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