Comparing Different Types of Childcare

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Unfortunately for most families, staying home with children to raise them is not an option. Finding a caring and nurturing child care provider is the next best thing a family can do. There are many options for child care in CT, lets take a look at some options. The most common forms of childcare ct are daycare, family childcare, au pairs and nannies.

Day care centers in ct are probably the first thing that spring to mind when looking for child care in CT. The cost of enrolling a child at daycares in CT will vary by facility, but a good daycare provider can be an invaluable partner. Day cares are usually the most cost effective option for single child families. They offer a lot of socialization for children, and provide reliable care. Even if your primary teacher for child care in CT is sick, the daycare center will find a sub.

A family childcare provider offers child care in CT similar to daycare centers but are based out of the providers home. Home based child care options typically mean larger groups of children and more diverse age ranges. One benefit of home based child care is a flexibility in scheduling. While a daycare center has well defined business hours, a home based provider may be more lenient with pickups and drop offs, especially in cases of emergency.

A nanny is an in home provider for child care in ct. Nannies may live with the families they work with, or live in their own residences. Nannies may work on full or part time basis. Finding a good nanny may mean having a worker who becomes like an extended part of the family. A nanny provides the most personal level of care for children, and is typically dedicated to one family at a time. Live in nannies may offer the best childcare options for parents that need to work long or unpredictable hours.

An au pair is a foreign national typically in their late teens to early twenties who are places in homes to care for young children. An au pair can provide child care in ct similar to a nanny, but their stay and pay are regulated by the US State Department. A potential draw back of hiring an au pair is that they can work for a family for no more than two years.

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