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Any responsible parent will e invested in their son or daughter’s education, and a good education may unlock that child’s future potential. When a family moves to a new area or city, or when the parents’ child first becomes old enough for their education, finding the best preschools, best elementary schools, middle, or high schools is a top priority. Parents have plenty of options to choose from, and some may send their children to private schools in their area. Parents may look online to find good schools in the area, and a search query such as “Miami private elementary schools” or “Miami private elementary schools with art programs” may be what Miami-area parents look for. A search such as “miami private elementary schools” will yield a whole list of nearby schools that parents may visit and evaluate. The same may be done for a preschool, too.

A Good Preschool

Going to preschool isn’t mandatory like a child’s K-12 education is, but attending preschool may offer that child a head start in his or her education and development. Interested parents may look for local preschools with an Internet search, just like they could for K-12 schools, and find a list of them to consider. Many parents are doing this, and a higher percentage of young children today are attending preschool since the early 1990s. When parents find a list of preschools in the area, they may strike off schools deemed too far to conveniently attend, then visit the rest with their child in tow. The parents may evaluate the school and its staff carefully, consulting with the teachers and considering their experience and credentials. A good teacher has a lot of experience and sets young children at ease. The parents’ child, meanwhile, won’t ask anyone for their credentials but he or she may know if this school and its staff look inviting to them. A child might be stressed or frightened at a school or by its staff, making it a poor choice in schools. But if a child feels at ease, that school may be a strong contender.

Compulsory Education

Meanwhile, the parents of an older child will also look online when finding a school for their child, and this time, the child will be old enough to articulate their preferences and opinions in different schools. Here again, an online search provides a starting list of nearby schools of the desired type, may they be elementary, middle, or high schools. The parents, like with preschools, will evaluate the staff’s credentials and experience, and consider the school’s funding and the programs or features that it provides. The child may look for certain features such as a soccer team, a cheerleader squad, a dedicated art program, a debate team, or even a marching band. A good school will not only have skilled staff and proper funding, but the child who goes there as a student will be challenged but not overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the coursework. A good school is one where the new student won’t be bullied or mistreated, and the student should be accepted there and not face undue stress or hardship. If this happens, however, the parents may start looking for a different school.

Private and public schools are two main options for a K-12 school, and parents looking for private ones may search for “Miami private elementary schools” or “good private schools in Massachusetts.” A public school is regulated, run, and funded by the federal government, and most schools are like this. Around 25% of American schools are privately regulated, funded, and run, hence the name. They charge high tuition which puts them out of reach of some families, but those who can afford them may appreciate the advantages. Private high school graduates are well-prepared for college, and around 90% of them go on to college, comparing favorably to 45% of public high school graduates. Private school teachers report relatively few incidents of student apathy or a lack of parental involvement, and private school counselors spend a lot of time on college prep work for their students (more than public school counselors do). A private school may also have a well-funded art program, marching band, and sports team, and skilled and experienced staff on hand.

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