It’s thrilling to make personalized and ng garments! Perhaps you’re wondering which one will be more successful than heat transfer paper as well as sublimation? What are the best tshirt printing supplies?

This is a specialty paper which transfers designs onto clothing and other items by applying heat. This is done by printing the design on a heat transfer sheet by using an inkjet or laser printer. It is then placed on top of the printed sheet on the T-shirt, and press it on a heat press. The sublimation process is quite similar to that of heat transfer paper. Much like heat transfer papers, this process is based on printing an image onto an item of speciality paper – sublimation paper in this case – and pressing it to a garment by using a press. What is the distinction between heat transfer and sublimation?

Sublimation is a method wherein the ink is actually part of the fabric rather than being placed to the top. The result is an exceptional transfer with regards to strength and comfort. The heat transfer paper on another hand, is an additional layer of protection to the fabric.

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