How Can the Right Leadership Create a Better Teaching Environment?

It’s not easy being in the educational field. The need for good teachers is apparent in every state. In determining how to create a solid school staffing plan, it is important to have a clear understanding of leaderships styles. Knowing the different educational staffing possibilities creates efficiency.

Could New-School Leadership (NSL) Models Create Better School Staffing Policies?

What makes a good teacher? While states have specific requirements for whom they hire, “good” can be subjective. It is perhaps better to ask, what makes an effective teacher? The answer lies not only in the actions and philosophy of the teacher themselves, but also with the leadership of the school itself.

Is One Leadership Model More Effective Than Another?

It has been found across multiple industries that creating a management style with a focus on empowering employees to handle minor issues on their own is the most successful in the long-term. Many educational employees would agree that a student focused school staffing plan is a priority.

    1. Servant LeadershipFocuses on empowering staff. Relies on trusting the staff to chose the best course of action.

    2. Transactional Leadership.A give and take type of relationship similar to the market exchange of goods and services. Staff members show up for the job only.

    3. Emotional Leadership.Relies on the feelings of staff, or emotional intelligence, as a method of motivation at work.

    4. Transformational.A combination of all the above types that rely primarily on a shared sense of purpose to motivate staff members.

Who Is Included When It Comes to School Staffing?

It takes a concentrated effort from many individuals to make a successful school. Yet, when asked about school staffing needs the average person will only think of teachers. The fact is that only 50% of school employees are actually teachers. The other half is comprised of administrative staff, nurses, counselors, and therapists.

Some of the staffing needs are dictated by the state. For example, it is recommended that the counselor to student ratio be about 1:250 by the American School Counselor Association. The school staff must all benefit from whichever leadership model is chosen, as the educational system encompasses more than simply teachers.

Good teachers are needed in schools. However, the educational system requires more than just the occasional good teacher. A school needs a comprehensive, student focused plan for leadership to be effective. The reason for this is empowerment. When workers feel that they have a shared purpose and have the power to make decisive choices, it breeds a healthy working environment.

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