How Does a Dedicated Art Program Improve a Child’s Early Education?

What makes a top-notch education? Research has proven that the best education strategy for children is to offer a variety of subjects. As each child has their own unique mind, support should be provided as needed. These two features can be difficult to find in every public school across the country. Yet, there are just over 33,600 private schools in the U.S. that serve over 5.4 million children in grades pre-kindergarten to high school. Many parents are looking into private schools because of they want smaller classroom sizes, focused support, and extracurricular activities.

What Is Necessary For a Child to Reach Their Full Potential?

There have been countless studies on childhood learning. While there are occasional outliers in the findings, the majority of research has revealed similar findings. Children do best in environments that are predictable, rich in opportunities for exploration, and provide support for advancement. Consistency is vital for children to feel safe, and decreases stress. Children are naturally curious, and they need environments that encourage metacognition. Finally, research has revealed the important connection between music and art with improved brain activity.

Smaller Class Sizes Mean Focused Instruction.

Over 87% of private schools have a total enrollment of fewer than 300 students. It is not uncommon for private elementary schools to have around 12 students per teacher, compared to the average 24 students per teacher in public elementary schools. The teacher in each example is doing their best, however it is well known that it is easier to keep track of fewer things rather than more.

It’s easy to find out the average classroom size of the private schools in any area. For example, an internet search of “best private school Miami, FL” would pull up a selection of the most highly rated schools. The breakdown of facts about each would include the average classroom size.

Support For Children With Unique Learning Needs.

All children are their own people. As such, it is not uncommon for a child to have their own way of assimilating information. With the incredible advancements made in child psychology and a trend toward more open discussion of issues, parents are looking for strategies to help their own child’s needs. Private schools are no strangers to this development.

It’s easy to find a private elementary school that has a dedicated program for children who don’t learn inside the box. One strategy to find a possible school in your area is to use the above technique. An online search of “best private school Miami, FL ADHD” for example, will pull up options with an ADHD program. Another search possibility is sensory issues or Autism.

The Importance of Art and Music In a Child’s Education.

Did you know that finger painting is good for kids of all ages, but especially for those with sensory issues? Children need the regular opportunity to use their minds in exploratory ways. Painting, drawing, manipulating clay, and building structures out of popsicle sticks make young brains work in ways that adding numbers simply doesn’t. A regular schedule of practicing with a musical instrument has been found to improve brain activity and possibly stave off Alzheimer’s later in life. Also, learning to read sheet music has been shown to help children with learning fractions due to the musical notes.

Good musical programs are an important part of a great education. As outlined above, to find one in a specific region an internet search is best. Try, “best private school Miami, FL musical program” to pull up relevant possibilities.

Whether you’re looking for the best private school Miami, FL has to offer or just want a good school for your small child, don’t discount a private education. The features listed above can be found in a variety of schools. Remember to research the elementary school you send your child to so that they can get a good start in life.

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