How Does the Heat Transfer Vinyl Process Work? – Consumer Review

er vinyl is a unique substance used to personalize or make a statement on T-shirts and garments and more. Vinyl is permanently transferred to clothes by a heat-based adhesive backing. It is essential to apply heat in a manner that is sufficient for pressure and temperature to get the most effective result. In this video, we will show you the process. Here’s how you do it.
Create the Cut Record
Take all of the essential supplies and put up the heat press and vinyl cutter. The cut file is made by a vinyl specialist. The vinyl cutter features software that they can use for this process. Additional steps are:
* Configure the cut setting and then load the vinyl cutter
* Conduct a test cut
• Remove the vinyl
• Remove any excess vinyl
The heat transfer vinyl must be heated and pressed onto the garment. The process involves placing the garment onto the plate at the bottom. Place the transfer above the garment and wrap it in the Teflon sheet.
The transfer should be facing the proper direction. Apply the transfer to the fabric using the proper presses for the vinyl. The heat press should be opened once the timer has elapsed. Take the carriers from the fabric. Then verify that the vinyl remains well-stuck.
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