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Science of agriculture has provided numerous innovative solutions. In this piece, we will take to look at how the use of plastic is used throughout the natural world.

In the beginning, it’s important to remember that plastic was used by the human race for many decades. An early example of plastic use would be the Olmecs using natural rubber to create ball to play with. Plastic has been around since the very beginning of history, but technological advancements allow plastic to be produced more quickly.

The creation of plastic takes oil and natural gas from the ground. Once these materials are transported to the manufacturing plant, their composition changes until plastic is created.

Plastic is a problem in the fact that plastics are unable to be degraded. This results in more pollution in the world. This has led to society adopting creative solutions to its use.

Scientists are discovering new living organisms capable of breaking up plastic. It is a good aspect to plastic usage. This may be the solution.


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