How to Create a Will in Under 4 Mins – Legal Terms Dictionary

It is possible to go the traditional route and have a lawyer draft your living will in exchange for a fee. A majority of people believe that writing the drafting of a valid will must be drafted by a lawyer however this isn’t the case. You can draft a valid will that can be used before any lawful court. The date of the will and the legal name of the author are the first two elements of a valid will.

Revoke all previous wills , if you’re amending your will. Next step is to clarify how the property will be distributed. In writing, clearly state the property you’re leaving to your spouse, the children, and any other persons. If you decide to leave assets to your wife, make sure you include your plans in case she passes away prior to your. Name the executor, and decide who will be their executor. The will must be concluded with an official stamp to render the will legally binding and official. vfnj6vyaa6.

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