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Packaging for event signage, however, you must ensure that the signs are properly hung. This YouTube video “Hanging Trade Show Signs 101” is the perfect guideline on how to handle the issue so that your booth gets the highest amount of traffic. We’ll give you the details.

There is a good chance that you own a banner, or fabric sign. This could make it seem easy to hang. However, there are some points to consider. The signs and other materials need to be shipped separately from the booth you are using prior to the date of your event. The contractors will have the time to set them up prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Another factor to be considered is rigging, and you’re required to fill out a form for trusses and larger structures depending on what kind of signs you need. A rigging order is required when you have complicated signs using lights as well as metal.

The rest of the clip for further information about the signage for trade events packaging.


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