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L. This video gives an easy-to-follow guide for installing the base cabinets as well as hanging cabinets.
Step 1

Place your cabinets in order according to where they’re installed. This is a fantastic occasion to correct uneven walls and floors, or add insulation and apply a new coat of paint.

Step 2

Find the top of your flooring using an inclinometer, then measure 34.5in above (the top of the base cabinet). Measure 54 inches from the highest point. This is what will be the base of the hanging cabinet. It is also necessary to determine the location of all wall studs.

Step 3.

Hang the cabinets. Check out the video to see some examples on how to place the cabinets in line with the studs. Don’t tighten the screws on the wall completely. Adjust the cabinet, in order to make sure it’s perfectly level.

Step 4

It is now time to install your cabinets base. To help you, start at the corner. Before you attach to the wall, be sure the walls are level. Install shims, if needed, to alter the height.

To learn more about installing your new kitchen cabinets, watch the video below.


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