How to Roof a House – CEXC

For roofing There are a couple of basic rules to follow in order to obtain the greatest results. The first thing to remember is that roofers are always working from the bottom up with regard to the shingles. Whether your working as a homeowner’s roofing company or a commercial roofing company something that ought to be in common is there is no need for screws in roofing jobs. The reason is that the more holes you create on your roof, the greater chance of a leak. So, there are special roofing nails that are used by businesses to keep the hole as clear as it can be. Also, once the nail is placed the hole, it’s then covered by the shingles in the row in front of it so that water does not hit the nail heads to go through the roof. This is the first step in the beginning, so when you’ve got your equipment you can start shingling your roof! vc2b3a4vwq.

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