Installing Exterior Window Shutters – HVAC Tips and News

If properly done, it will be afternoon

The first step is to identify the shutter’s position to the siding. The shutter’s top should be in line with the trim on the window. Make sure that the bottom of the shutter is aligned with the most thick and lowest section of your trim. It is important to leave about a quarter-inch space between the window trim and shutters in order to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the material as temperatures fluctuate.

Next, drill mounting holes in the shutters. They typically require four holes one for each corner at least two inches off from each edge in order to prevent cracks from forming. Larger shutters may require additional holes drilled.

Then, you can align the shutter with the lines on the siding. For screws to slot in siding, drill pilot holes through previously-drilled mounting openings.

For more details on how to install exterior window shutters, please take a look at the video attached.


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