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This certification allows welders who have received certification from one state to have their license cross-country without the need to apply again. In answer to the question there is a one or the other. welding is a profession that is highly sought-after as there are fewer and fewer welders out there. As long as you can prove your proficiency in the field, most firms will not require a welding permit. This means that you can travel across state lines and in a position that does not require an aws accreditation. However, what an aws certification does for you is to prove your skills as a welding professional, allowing you to take a government-regulated job anywhere across the country. So while there may be jobs out there, having this certification is the quickest means to be employed as your abilities are recognized throughout the entire country. It is quite a bit of training required for passing the tests for your certification, but it’s worth it. 4rsk9niizm.

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