Looking to Resurface Your Wood Garage Door? Heres How! – DIY Home Ideas

It is necessary to employ an entire team to complete the job. When you are resurfacing your wood garage doors, it may be beneficial to set some pieces of wood to the front of the door. You can then stain them in order that you know which stain shade will be most appealing after the wood has been placed put on the door. To keep costs down you could opt to make use of low-quality lumber. Next, you should purchase high-quality wood which will be tied to your door permanently.

Once you’ve put the pieces of wood together and measured it for the door dimensions, it’s now time to secure the wood the door. You will need the construction adhesive as well as finish nails for attaching the wood the door. The finish nails hold the wood in place as the adhesive sets.

Continue to add row after row of lumber until your garage door is covered in the wood is held securely in place. The motor for the garage door will not be able to pull the weight required due to the additional burden of the wood. It’s necessary to change the motor. 7cl9rc36hl.

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