Make Your Argument Fool Proof


The ability to effectively communicate rational, logical thoughts into words that make a valid argument is what many say separates us humans from others in the animal kingdom, among many other things. At the heart of the matter is fact versus opinion and what side makes a better argument by using evidence to support the point. This is where knowing how to do research is going to come into play and will, ultimately, make or break the debate for one side or the other. Learning how to do a research paper will be a good first step in learning how references and research facts can validate an opinion and turn it into a bona fide fact. The importance of knowing how to find references and how to properly document them is going to be crucial, throughout your lifetime, in creating convincing and valid statements you wish others to take as true.

Why do we research? The answer is fairly simple and straightforward; in order to prove something as true or a fact, we need evidence. References refer to other people or groups who have investigated a similar topic and put their findings on display for the world to see, either through books, research essays, or even films on the topic. It is then up to somebody to use these references to create a compelling argument for your position on an argument or debate. People often search references to strengthen the foundation of their argument by gathering as much data and information as possible to support their side. Using references, however, is extremely important in professional research settings as well, like medical and legal research, where it is important for the researcher to properly document and format the findings from whichever references they chose to use.

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