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A trip to the beach can be one of the most stressful nights of studying one can be faced with. It’s not difficult to understand that students use the internet to get assistance in writing and presentations that are required by all majors. With an obvious market for online help, many creators and developers have come up with various useful websites for students to access online. Each of these sites has various features and capabilities, depending on how you study your best. This video will help you understand some of the best sites for studying.

The majority of students know that sleeping is vital for the brain’s function. Sleepytime is a site that will help you figure out when it is best to go to sleep and then rise at the proper time so that you can make the most of your day. Edx is a massive online platform offering no cost (yes it’s free!) educational content. Online courses are funded by Harvard University as well as Berkeley. The library is huge, and you should make use of these free resources. TedEd is an extension of the popular “Ted Talks” which are short-form videos. There is a massive variety of videos that cover a number of subjects, you just need to search for your subject and see how much you can learn!


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