Some Post-Operation Tips for Domestic Animal Surgical Care – Dog Health Problem

Dr. Kate Reynolds of Union Lake Veterinary Hospital gives you tips on domestic animal surgical treatment.

It is important to ensure your pet has a comfortable bed to rest in. The pet must be kept far from other children and pets. Clean, soft bedding for your pet. Find an Elizabethan collar or cone that ensures that your pet isn’t going to lick or chew at the stitches.

Following the surgery, pet owners will experience balance issues. If they fall, it could be dangerous for them. Make sure they do not have access to steps. Floors that are smooth, such as tiles or hardwood floors can be secured with mats made of non-skid material, or at the very least a towel. If your dog that needs to go outside or out, you can either take the dog out with you or take the dog to help make sure that he or she is steady. You can also make the wrap out of a towel and tie it around the stomach of your pet for them to stand.

The pet must be fed little amounts of water every few hours. In the coming days, feed your pet bland food like rice and boiling chicken. Ask your vet what time your pet is able to go back to normal food and treats. acyjgq8rgr.

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