The Many Benefits of Mindfulness


In the fast paced culture of today, mindfulness is often hard to achieve. Fortunately, there are ways to remind oneself of the innate mindfulness he has. By following the breath, and signing up for a meditation course, one can cultivate mindfulness, and reap the many fruits it has to offer.

Mindfulness and meditation have long been known to relieve stress. Practitioners report that they are able to focus solely on the present while meditating, with little to no regard of past or future worries. Meditation also lowers activity in several parts of the brain, and lets the whole brain focus on self attenuation.

Less well known are other meditation benefits. Mindfulness is thought to strengthen the immune system, as well as to let in clarity of thought. Mindfulness can also relax physical tension carried in certain parts of the body. Meditation for kids can help promote awareness of their actions, and the consequences they carry.

To get started, there are several mindfulness exercises one can do. The simplest is to just watch the breath inhale and exhale. By watching the breath go in and out, an individual can see that his thoughts settle, and that he can think more clearly.

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