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If they are arrested for the offense for which they were arrested, they are held in prison until their scheduled court date. The inmates are detained until the judge is able to release them on bail or they decide to make their own decision.

The Bail

It is an amount that provides insurance to either the defendant or the jailer and is also used to guard the court. The defendants have the option of paying bail amount in cash. However, the reality is that not everyone can make this payment.

As bail is typically set at a high amount that most defendants are unable to pay or post bail alone. They seek assistance from a bail agency or bail bondsman. These people will post bail on behalf of the defendant.

Understanding a Bail Bond

It is a type of surety provided by the bail agency through bail companies. This guarantees the release of the defendant.

The judge is the first to decide the amount of bail. If the defendant is unable to cover the bail cost on their own , they could get the help of a bail agent through bail bonds. Bail bonds agents are required to be charged 10% of bail sum. 98l7kaa2x4.

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