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Damage to property however, is actually the loss of or impairment of someone’s personal property. Real property (immovable property) encompasses land and everything that is attached to it, such as buildings, structures that are located on the land and fixtures.

Evidence that the person responsible was negligent under rules of tort law; providing proof of damages and, lastly providing evidence sufficient for the case. All tort claims must be in line with strict legal requirements for a notice to be given within a set period of time, also known as submitting a notice of claim. One type of tort claim is defamation, which involves making defamatory statements or claims concerning a business or individual using malicious intent (intent) and making those statements public (where the public can view it). Defamation can also take shape of slander spoken words, written statements defamatory to the public as well as slander-by deeds, when a individual harms the reputation of another or libel, (advertisement and writing).

It is not the sole kind of lawsuit that could be filed in tort law. These include intentional the infliction of emotional distress infringing on private life, assault on civil nature, and battery. Intentional injury to distress can refer to the intentional infliction or repercussions of psychological distress on another person. This can include physical as well as psychological damage, but it will not always result in damage. The publication of defamation is required, whereas this type of tort is characterized by the intention of inflicting harm directly upon someone, without having to be brought into the public discussion. If personal information of an individual is disclosed in a public forum, it could be considered an as an invasion of privacy. The privacy zone that public officials enjoy is less than for private people.

Privacy invasion is a term that covers the following categories: unreasonable invasion of another’s privacy or isolation, the appropriation of another’s privacy

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