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Not too long ago, an PCP was referred to as a general practitioner or general practitioner or a family physician. Spectrum Health Medical Group examines the types of medical conditions that primary care doctors are able to deal with.

Your family physician is your first point of contact to any other doctor. Most health insurance companies insist that you obtain an appointment with a specialist from your PCP. The specialist will work with your primary doctor to obtain the treatments you need.

PCPs can diagnose and treat minor health problems such as colds or sprained hands. It is possible to clean and wrap minor wounds. Some doctors are able to determine or prescribe medications for mental illness, like major depression.

Your doctor of choice will check you for any serious conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. They can prescribe medications and other tests for diagnosis from their. They can determine your baseline, or your previous state before they entered your life. They are able to then evaluate the current state of your life to that prior to that. This will help determine if you have any issues that are serious or solutions to these.

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