What Happens At a Garbage Dump – Life Cover Guide


emission of gas from landfills. That’s why the large city landfill sites nowadays are uniquely engineered trenches in the ground. They prevent toxic wastes from being a source of pollution and contamination to the water supplies.

The rising rate of population increases is one of the main reasons landfills are becoming more prevalent across the globe. The more population grows, the more demand, resulting in the production of more waste and its disposal in landfills. Another reason is the steadily increasing population growth.

It is important to properly eliminate any urban derivatives for example, plastics. A proper disposal procedure is required to dispose of agricultural wastes such as animal manure, rotten products and various farm waste. If the waste is just left in the open, they might pollute the surroundings.

In this detailed and informative video by the City of San Diego, you’ll find out what happens at the Miramar dump after the garbage dump truck delivers trash to the area. It will also explain how San Diego is working to increase the lifespan of the landfill by recycling objects and vegetation.


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