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Automotive welding is a skill that makes your vehicle appear like new. Continue reading for more information regarding welding techniques.

Welding isn’t a new practice, it has been around since the fourth century. Modern welding techniques have been the driving force behind the Industrial Revolution. Today, they can be crucial to numerous sectors of the present.

Welding is an extremely general term. It encompasses hundreds of different material joining processes. There are various kinds of welding are : gas metal arc welding, submerged welding, as well as resistance welding. However, there are many other types of welding.

Resistance welding is the most popular method of joining materials employed by an auto welding business for repairs to vehicles. Resistance welding produces heat with the power of electricity. It works by resisting 2 metals that are overlapping. It is different from different methods.

The concept of welding may appear simple enough to understand, but it’s a complex process that has lots of complications. There is no need to know about the mechanics behind welding to be able to comprehend it. Watch the video below for a look at the many welding methods!


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