What its like to be a Propane Technician – Daily Inbox

This video demonstrates the daily life of propane technicians. They start their day by creating a checklist of their orders and projects they have be able to complete during the course of the day.

This video shows technicians loading up a tank ready to be utilized by a client. A guideline on how to ensure they are supplied with all the necessary equipment can be found in. This video demonstrates the process that technicians go through when removing the tank in order to make space to install the new tank.

The technicians who work for them take their job seriously and aim to please them every time, so they’ll take their moment to adjust the angle of the tank to ensure it’s in perfect alignment. Once they have placed the tank, they place the new regulator, and do a leak-check. Once the tasks of the morning are done the afternoon propane delivery is made, but the inspection is conducted in order to verify that everything’s in order. When the final delivery of the day is completed technicians will take the truck off and get ready for the day’s work. i5aguy9xcm.

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