When Was the Last Time That You Took a College Course?


Studying for a new degree can seem like a daunting task. If you are in the middle of working a full time job and raising a family, in fact, you likely cannot imagine a way where you could successfully further your education. In spite of all the news that indicates that additional degrees can pay themselves back several times over, many people simply do not know how to carve out time for attending a single class, let alone finding time to complete a degree.
Fortunately, online courses are a far more flexible option for many people. Whether you are interested in taking accounting courses or psychology courses, an online learning environment is the perfect solution. It provides the flexibility you need to pursue the goals that you have.
Not College Material
Summer time. The kids are out of school and you are working overtime to make sure that you can pay all of the bills. The most frustrating part is that you find yourself having to work more hours to make ends meet. For while the cost of living has increased, your minimum wage pay has not. Stuck at the lowest of levels on the pay scale at your work, your boss has indicated that if you could find a way to get in some college credits he could find you a raise. Right now, he assures you, it is impossible for him to justify paying you any more, even with your experience. The company pay scale is set up to encourage employees to pursue a college degree and the pay increases only come when that happens.
You, however, tried college once, and it just was not meant to be. In fact, you have told people more than once that you simply are not college material. The fact that you failed to succeed when you tried living in a dorm and taking classes right out of high school, however, does not mean that you are not college material. That experience just means that you were not meant for that path at that time. With more life experience under your belt, in fact, your work supervisor is certain that you can succeed. He simply suggests that you start slowly. He has even offered to help you get registered online, and has indicated that he is willing to help you if any of the work is too challenging.
Online Degrees Provide a Way for Busy People to Find the Flexibility They Need to Earn More Money
Being stuck at a low paying job can be more than frustrating. It can also be financially devastating. In today’s economy, in fact, it is nearly impossible to make ends meet if you find yourself living off the income from a minimum wage job. For many people who find themselves without the flexibility of attending traditional classes, however, the answer can be in taking course online and working at your own pace and on your own schedule.

  • Research indicatest that 64% of online students love the ability to study anywhere that is convenient and anytime their schedule allows.
  • Estimates are that 74% of adults are what can be called personal learners. This term refers to the fact that they have participated in at least one activity in the past 12 months to advance their knowledge about something that interests them personally.
  • Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, many of whom would benefit from online learning because they can spend as much time as they want looking at online lecture materials.
  • Do you have one or two hours a week that you could study online?
  • Year end reports from a 2013 Babson Survey Research Group reveals the number of students taking at least one online course is now more than 6 million.

  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text.
  • One of every three higher education students now take at least one course online.

  • Statistics show that 46% of online students say their biggest motivation for enrolling was to advance a current career.
  • The activities to better yourself can be as varied as reading, or attending meetings or taking courses.
  • Approximately 43% of personal learners say their interests prompted them to seek out volunteer opportunities.
  • Ready to give college another try?
  • Today is the day to start!
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