8 Small Condo Remodel Ideas for Upgrading Your Space


make a smaller space appear makes a small space appear to be larger. If you have a condo with limited square footage strategically positioning mirrors around rooms can give the impression of having more space. To reflect light, hang one of them in front of the windows and make your room appear brighter. Alternately, place a mirror behind a piece of furniture to make the room feel larger.

An excellent way to create impressions with mirrors is employing their design. Placing large mirrors on the wall could make a statement if you don’t know what to do. Moreover, you can use a mirror to fill a complete wall, creating a stunning visual effect. If you are looking for a sleek, modern and creative look, you can make use of a frame that is made from metal , or one that’s basic and simple. If you want to create a traditional look choose an elaborate frame. Mirrors with colors can be put to use to liven up your space and add some hue without the need to paint the walls. There are mirrors available in all colors that’s why it’s not difficult to find one that is compatible with the decor you already have.

7. Furniture can be used to create the space

It is crucial to have furniture inside a condominium to create spaces. As you enter a tiny apartment, you may believe that it seems like one huge room. Then, you can make it appear more open space with furniture that will create the illusion of being more open. It is possible to, for instance make use of a sofa for separating the living room from dining area. Additionally, you can use an old bookcase to make a home office space. It will seem much larger and spacious when you make use of furniture to create several spaces.

8. Keep It Simple

If it’s about minor condo upgrades, less is more. The right selection of stylish, well-chosen accessories will go a great way to making the space appear polished and well-organized. The neutral hues create a tranquil and serene space, making it ideal to a tiny space. For a calm and sophisticated appearance, opt for the neutral colors of white, gray and cream. Simple silhouettes and furniture with clean lines can assist you make your look modern.


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