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years. Copper roofs were erected in cathedrals of the Gothic period, and aluminum roofing was used during the 1800s and later, metal roofing was used for factories and bunkers throughout WWII during the United States.

Metal sheets had to be warmed and formed manually up to the 1600s. In the later years, tin mining in Wales or more accurately tinplate that was shipped around across the globe. Tinplate was used in numerous places of historical significance, like the Pennsylvania Independence House and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello residence.

Corragated metals later came to be invented however it was not until the conclusion of the American Civil War for tin roofing in metal to arrive in the US. Tin roofing at first was constructed of pieces of lead. Shingles were attached to roofs. This differs from the iron sheets used today.

The roofing made of corrugated tin was employed in some areas due to its fire-retardant nature and low maintenance. Metal roofing is a contemporary alternative that has the same advantages, but with higher-tech features.

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