Are There Different Types of Fire Suppression Systems? – Insurance Research Info

Even though it’s not mandatory, being aware of different systems for fire suppression will help you avoid a lot of trouble over the long run. Let’s take a closer take a look.
Dry systems and Wet systems are among the primary kinds of fire suppression systems we will be discussing. The most commonly used type of fire suppression systems is wet. They are made by a combination of pipe and sprinkler heads. Dry systems operate in the same way, with one major difference. The pipes in a wet system are constantly filled with water. However, the pipes in dry systems do not get filled until the sprinkler heads are activated.
Another type of fire suppression system that exists specifically to business owners who have an array of devices is a foam fire suppression system. The foam fire suppression system functions in the same way as dry and wet systems, but uses foam to stop any more damage. 5bqxukfoxf.

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