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The main aspect of safety at the range and proper etiquette is not to aim a gun at any object until you are ready to shoot at targets in the gun range. This means that the barrel of the gun needs to be pointed toward the ground. At this point, you must ensure that your fingers are away from the trigger. The gun should be left not loaded until it is in a position to shoot. It is crucial that shooters that are renting guns or who are not experienced with guns contact the range for assistance. Always protect your eyes and ears. Children may require extra ear protection. While changing guns, or shooting at targets the gun should always be pointed downwards and not loaded. If you are reloading guns, the barrel of the gun must remain pointed downwards. Prior to shooting targets, listen to the instruction of the range official. Shooters are required to be sure to shout “cease fire” in the event of spotting something dangerous. It alerts the range officers know there is something dangerous happening. By shouting cease fire, it informs the range officer be aware of the issue and lets them fix it. e8dvwnu5dq.

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