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Since the late 1990s, dating websites have become increasingly popular among people looking where to meet singles that doesn’t involve bars or dance clubs. Dating sites have been a particular boon to “nice guys” who might have always been afraid to approach women in person. In a way, dating sites have leveled the playing field, at least somewhat, for men who are shy or passive, but have a lot to offer to the right woman.

According to a recent survey, the dating scene does not look particularly friendly to so-called “nice guys.” Apparently, only about 38% of the responds to the survey said they have a preference for “nice guys.” Then again, one could always question the “where, what, when, where, and how” of the survey, because a wide variety of factors could have held sway over the above results.

Depending upon the woman you ask, the characteristics of a “nice guy” might include dull, mature, passive to a fault, or nerdy. Often times, the term “nice guy” is merely a euphemism for men who are not particularly physically attractive, but are generally polite, friendly, and positive. From a male perspective, many men consider being referred to as a “nice guy” as the equivalent to unexciting. Thus, a nice guy is the sort of male with whom woman would rather regard as a friend rather than a romantic interest.

Regardless of the “nice guy” stereotypes, both women’s and men’s dating preferences tend to shift, at least a bit, over the course of their lives. For the most part, as people mature so do their ideas of a suitable mate. In hindsight, memories of the wedgie-inflicting jock who was once considered the ultimate “dreamboat” among his female class peers, now seems laughably immature. On the other hand, the “boring,” conservative, or nerdy types may appear more attractive to more mature women who are wise enough to value security, stability, and emotional support over looks and popularity.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of women and men on online dating sites who put the most emphasis on appearance than anything else; however, online dating sites are much friendlier to “nice guys” who want to know where to meet singles who are deeper and less superficial than the girls whom they were afraid to talk to in high school.

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