The Importance of High Quality Political Marketing

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The 1960 United States Presidential Election was a significant moment in American history. Importantly, John Fitzgerald Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Milhouse Nixon, and many experts believe the former defeated the latter largely because of political marketing. Over 50 years later, the political environment in marketing has changed, but the political marketing campaigns for politicians is as important as ever.

One of the most important pieces of political marketing involves social media. Many internet marketing firms actually work with politicians; Facebook actually has a half-dozen people who work exclusively with political campaigns. In addition, Twitter has a dedicated political-ad team, and they are the only team at that social media site which is focused solely on one industry.

Importantly, about 69 percent of online adults say that they maintain a presence on social networks, compared with only 37 percent in 2008. Plus, about 54 percent of online Americans said they find it easier to connect with people who share their political views on the internet than in person.

In short, the political environment in marketing greatly focuses on the internet, because the internet is a hugely important medium for communication. The internet is used not only as a way for politicians to share their opinions, views, and strategies, but also a way for politicians and governments to communicate with the people for any reason. To learn more, read this.

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