How to Build Pergolas – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

It is a must for any patio and house. This video will show you how to put together a pergola in just an hour.

Six 4x4x8 and two 4x4x10 posts are necessary. A couple of drills, brackets, as well as an assortment of brackets may also be required. No saw is required. You just need to find the proper length posts, and you’re all set. Also, make sure you’re working on a flat surface.

The posts should be aligned with the grid brackets. Now, you can build the frame with 4 posts and 4 brackets. Make sure your lumber isn’t warped or cracked, or you will be dealing with many issues down the line.

Attach the four screws per toja brackets to the lumber beams. Attach your shade sail hooks as needed. Secure the shade to the edge of the frame then insert the remaining four posts. They are secured with screws. Your pergola is now in place!

Pergolas are great to create the perfect relaxing space that has plenty of shade. Set up some outdoor furniture and maybe even a grill and refrigerator to create an impressive summertime gathering area. Click the video to learn more.


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