Options for Your Upcoming Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

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If you are a licensed massage therapist then you understand the importance of continuing education units (also known as ceu’s). Nearly all massage therapists have taken continuing education classes at some point in their career to not only keep them up to date on new techniques, but also to make sure they are providing cutting edge care for their clients. Sometimes the most difficult part of massage therapy continuing education is finding the time to do it. The good news is that there are actually options to take massage therapy ceu online now! Below are just a few of the perks that massage therapists love about the ability to use online learning for their continuing education requirements:

Flexibility and Convenience – There are several reasons that nearly 80 percent of respondents to a Global Shapers Survey said that they have taken an online course, and one of them is the flexibility and convenience of it. Students who are working full time jobs, or that have families to care for have a hard time making an on campus classroom schedule work for their lives. With massage therapy ceu online courses the assignments are typically set well in advance so that you can plan accordingly for whatever your schedule outside of school might include.

Ability to Pace – Studies show that nearly half of students who have taken online classes as well as classroom style classes believe that their online education was just as strong as their education from a traditional classroom. One of the reasons for this is that the homework and assignments are all planned from the beginning so the students can set their learning pace on their own. For instance, if you are taking one of the massage therapy ceu online courses that requires a lot of reading and you know that you are a bit of a slow reader, you can plan more time during the week to devote to those assignments.

Affordability – If you have taken them before, you know that sometimes massage therapy ceu courses can be a bit costly. Many of the massage therapy ceu online organizations actually offer packages that reduce the cost for the student. Sometimes packages are formed by the hours they will provide for your continuing education goal, and others are split up into packages based on the type of classes included. For example, some massage therapists have clients that are athletes so that therapist may want to find a sports massage package for their continuing education, whereas another therapist who works specifically with elderly will want to focus more on that area.

Massage therapy is an incredible profession because it really has the ability to help people find ways to get away from chronic pain, take care of themselves, and relax. Today’s society seems to have so many stressors that we all need to find quiet moments in our life to remove ourselves from it and relax. The next time you are looking into completing your annual ceu requirements, don’t let the classroom schedule worry you. Look into massage therapy ceu online courses and see if that may work better for your schedule and pocketbook. You may be surprised at all the options you find!

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