The Benefits of Political Marketing Firms

Herramientas del neuromarketing

What is the meaning of the Spanish phrase “estrategias politicas para ganar una eleccion”?In English it means “political strategies to win an election?” In order to do that, politicians must hire political marketing companies to manage their campaigns. If they don’t, they won’t stand a chance come the November elections.

Have you ever noticed that the promotional methods used during political campaigns mirrors the strategies used by marketing companies? Although politicians probably do not want to be viewed as if they were products, but that is essentially what they are. Thus, a political marketing firms promotes a politician and his or her agenda as if it were advertising a “new and improved” kind of mop.

If you were looking for the perfect political marketing definition, you could take just about any commercial on television, substitute the name of a politician for the product or service, and “Voila!”, there you would have it. Sure, this probably sounds ridiculous, but the people who spend their careers working political marketing jobs are really the very similar to online marketing companies. How is this?

Well, just like political marketing firms, internet marketing firms only have a few seconds to make an impact on web users. If they are unable to make a positive impact in about 2.3 seconds then their efforts will have been futile. Thus, the estrategias politicas para ganar una eleccion political marketing firms use are really no different than the one’s than General Mills uses to sell Cap’n Crunch. Except for the fact that the Cap’n is more popular than any politician will ever be.
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