The New Trend in Christian Worship

Christian church in chesapeake

Christians of various denominations represent about a third of the world’s population. Whether you are a devout practicing christian, or someone who is first finding their faith, finding a congregation that works for you is an incredibly integral part of embracing your religion.

With the shift from everything traditional in the recent years, it is no surprise that even church services have began to become more contemporary. Contemporary churches often focus on reaching people who are not interested in traditional liturgical worship services. The movement is a growing part of the Christian church and began more than 35 years ago outside Chicago, Ill. A young pastor named Bill Hybels founded Willow Creek Community Church, a new kind of church that focused on reaching people who had given up on church or never went.

If you are looking for a contemporary church service Chesapeake Virginia has a ton to offer you. If you are looking for a diverse church in Chesapeake, you are in luck. The contemporary Christian church in chesapeake began over 19 years ago and has set the stage for more and more contemporary congregations.

What is important to know is that the contemporary church is just that, the Church. The message is absolutely faithful to Jesus and the Bible but the methodology is definitely modern. Relevance is the word for the contemporary church as it tries to find a timely way to communicate a timeless message. A typical contemporary church service Chesapeake offers involves rock music, laser shows, and the coming together of faithful people.

A final benefit of the contemporary church service chesapeake offers is its ability to reach young people. The contemporary church has been very effective in reaching younger people and engaging them. Whether you seek a traditional Christian church near Suffolk, or want to try a contemporary church service Chesapeake has a ton to offer you.

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