The Spanish Curriculum Helps Make Well-Rounded Children

Preschool spanish lessons

People who homeschool their children don’t do it alone. There are a number of people who come together to assist. As the saying goes: It takes a village. No one parent or pair of parents can teach their children everything they need to know. That is why homeschooling parents rely on prepared curriculums for subjects they are not prepared to write curriculum for themselves.

Take the homeschool spanish curriculum, for example. We know that children who learn to speak a second language fair better in the workplace than those who don’t. Bilingual employees make, on average, 20% more per hour than those who speak only one language.

We also know that children learn a second language much easier than adults who are learning a second language. In fact, the earlier you introduce a child to a second language the better. Before ten years of age is about right , and before five years of age is even better. A homeschool spanish curriculum that starts children at a very young age to learn the sounds and sights of the Spanish language is one that will be very effective.

Around the world, many countries make it a part of their elementary school curriculum to introduce children to a second language before the age of eight. The United State, however, typically waits to introduce students to a second language until the high school years. This robs the children of their most prime period for learning language. The Summer Institute of Linguistics states that more than two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual, why in America, only 17% of the entire population speaks a second language other than English. As the world continues to become smaller and smaller with regard to whom we know and how we communicate with them, learning at least a second language is going to become more and more necessary as the years continue to pass. In the United States, the second most common language other than English is Spanish.

Recent census reports tell us that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. There are over 347 million native speakers, and more people on Earth can speak Spanish than English. If we want our children to succeed globally, learning to speak Spanish is very important.

Taking a page from the homeschool spanish curriculum, the spanish curriculum for elementary school uses spanish story books, spanish songs and other materials that engage young children in the immersion of a second language. Homeschool spanish shouldn’t be the only spanish offered to our young children. Preschool spanish lessons get the children learning when their brains are ripe for a new language. If we want to prepare them for a positive future, a second language has to come early.

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