How to Make Student Housing As Safe As Possible

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Headed off to college and in the need for some off campus student housing? With some insight and caution it will be easy to find the apartment of your dreams, just follow the tips and tricks below:

You Are Not Alone!

With an estimated 6,837,605 students enrolling in the 629 public 4 year college institutions in the United States, it is safe to say you are not going to be the only new one on campus! Finding a roommate that you get along with can only add to your experience, so be sure to send a friendly email or message through social media before move in day in order to break the ice.

Be Prepared

When leasing student rentals it is imperative to research and become familiar for what you are responsible for in the upkeep and care of the house, and what damages you are liable for. You should always plan financially for the extra costs associated with off campus housing such as parking, laundry, utilities, and furnishings. If you are planning on living on campus, a backup plan for a student rental never can hurt, as on campus housing becomes full very quickly.

Be Attentive to the Details

If you are moving into off campus student housing, always make sure to do a thorough check for damages and problems before signing the lease. If you find something upon moving in, make sure to snap a picture to keep for your records as this will prevent you from becoming liable. Double check the bathroom for water damage and mold, and test out all of the appliances in furnished housing.

Be Aware

When choosing your apartment or house, it is crucial to choose a place that offers secure, well lit parking in friendly neighborhood. You should never have to settle for a place that does not feel or look right, as your personal safety comes first. Keep your eye out for a trustworthy landlord, you should feel comfortable calling them for any problems that come up. It is common for a landlord to own several properties, so they can also connect you with new student renters in the area!

With this advice under your belt, you will be able to find your own perfect student housing, just don’t forget to have fun and everything else will fall into place!

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