Understanding the C14 Power Cord – How I Met Your Motherboard

Types of connectors are identified by different combinations of temperature the current, voltage, and temperature.

If it’s about IEC C14 to C13 cords this model of cord is among most well-known, since they often power equipment in racks of servers for data centers. The second most popular is C20 to C19 cords. C20 to C19 cords along with C14 to C15 cords.

C14 power cords are frequently referred to as Jumper Cords also. C14 to C13 cords are commonly used to connect server or the power source for network equipment by utilising PDUs or power strips. There are many manufacturers that have several C14/C13 power cords to choose from and also. It is possible to select from kinds of colors and amperage ratings along with lengths, jacket designs and lengths.

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