Whats the Difference Between Prejudice and Racism? – Continuing Education Schools

The truth is in the details. Although we often hear the terms racial prejudice has different meanings and meanings. While both are dangerous errors which must be avoided, they’re not identical things. The video below provides an in-depth analysis of the difference between prejudice and racism.

By definition, prejudice can be held against anyone. Any person can be prejudice against another, no matter the age, race or gender of the person. It is a result of subconscious brain interactions and deep-rooted prejudices which manifest in the real world. While prejudice can be experienced by anybody, racism cannot. Racism is defined as one of two factors: prejudice and strength. In the past, since whites hold more influence in the realm of government, land ownership, and general industry, they cannot experience any prejudice, just racism. In essence, racism is prejudice. But it is not the case that all prejudices are racism. The minority groups that are oppressed can only endure racism.


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