Why Adults Should Go Back to School

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If you are considering going back to college as an adult, you may be a little intimidated by the idea. However, investing in your education is a fantastic plan, no matter how old you are. You may be worried that you won’t understand the technology or be able to fit in to the school environment anymore. Having said that, statistics show that students over 25 have higher grades, better focus and less drop out rates. They are more responsible and understand the importance of finishing your education. Really, the only thing that should concern you is balancing out your other priorities as well. But, it can be done! It’s not forever and it will reap you great benefits in the end. Whether you want to go back for something intense like a medical laboratory science masters or a communications degree, or simply get your B.A. in English to complete your bachelors degree, adult education is available and encouraged.

Career Advancement
Now, naturally, it’s pretty obvious that you need a degree in your chosen field if you are going for a medical laboratory science masters, but sometimes we don’t realize how much we could advance in our industries simply by going back to school for a related subject. You may feel stuck in your current position but you would be able to move up the ladder in no time if you would finish your schooling. Employees like to see their workers going back to school because it shows drive and motivation as well as a desire to stay up to date and keep learning. Many workplaces offer to help with tuition if not pay for the entire thing.

Career Change
If your main desire it to switch careers all together, this is a common problem. Many people can be inspired or taken by a certain career in their younger years but become bored of it later on in life. For example, having a medical laboratory science masters is great, but it really only allows you work in one field. Going back to school to get a masters in another area would open up a whole world of opportunity for you. Even if you are going into something completely new, potential employers view education as a type of experience so even if you are unsure of yourself, they see you as having cutting edge knowledge having just graduated from school.

Financial Raises
Many employers will pay more per hour for someone that holds a degree. College education will always lead to a higher salary whether it is in your current job or a new position. This is beneficial as going to college does cost money, but if you get a higher paying job because of it, it will eventually pay for itself in the long run. If you have received financial aid or grants, then you can hit the ground running with your higher paid position, simply because you took the time to go back to school and complete a degree.

Personal Satisfaction
As adults we tend to put our routines and life into a box. When we were young, it was easy to dream and pursue wild hairs but as adults we feel those things are immature and unimportant now. Especially when we become parents. Now all our focus is our children’s education and helping them. But don’t let yourself fall to the wayside. Going back to school can give you such personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that can only be found in learning and growing as a person. As you advance, your family will advance and when your children see how content you are with your life and the decisions you have made to complete college, they will be inspired to do the same.

So, don’t let age be a factor. Go crazy and get a medical laboratory science masters if you want to but don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from making your dreams become a reality. Your only obstacle to a better life and a better you is yourself. If you can put your own inhibitions and intimidation aside, overcome the obstacles before you and set out to meet your goals, you’ll be amazing at what you can accomplish.

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