Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at The Oscars Todays Entertainment News


Sometimes, violence turns into murder. In the past, Will Smith too exception to a derogatory joke that Chris Rock made towards his wife during the Oscars. The result was Smith slapping Rock across the face. This is highly unusual for such a adored public figure to react like this. The video is a look at how a lawyer can respond in this situation. The solution isn’t violence. If you’ve suffered injuries by someoneelse, it is recommended that you consult a personal injury lawyer.

The way that Smith is adamant about Rock leads us to believe that the two share a history of disliking each other. But, that doesn’t mean violence acceptable. According to the video, would constitute assault under California Assault Law. The definition of assault is “an criminal attempt by a capability to perpetrate a violent attack on another’s person.” Rock may still choose to pursue Smith even though Smith was not hurt. Incredibly, an attorney general can choose to pursue charges, even if Rock decides not to do so. Only time will tell the next steps.


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